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Christian Kane in Kane's Kitchen

Kane’s Kitchen launches July 13 on iTunes and will branch out to other platforms on July 27th.

I love the ART of food. We eat with our eyes first. PRESENTATION is everything. It sets the stage for an amazing experience. Our visual stimulation only enhances our entire food experience. There is a strange yet wonderful feeling in my head and heart when I present a dish that I am proud of to an appreciative person(s). There is no better feeling to me then when I get a smile out of a special person from something I created.

I wanted HAD to share this passion with you. Five years ago, the idea for Kane’s Kitchen started taking shape in my thoughts. And finally, with the help and hard work of my business partner and producer Jose Behar, and the unbelievable generosity of my friend and boss, Dean Devlin we have been able to bring this idea to life. Welcome to my house. – Christian Kane,

Ep.1 – Purple Pizza (Free)
Ep.2 – Chicken n’f’n Waffles
Ep.3 – Badass Brunch
Ep.4 – Marionberry Pancakes
Ep.5 – Game Day 1
Ep.6 – Game Day 2 The website is up and so it the store!

Christian Kane Launches Kane’s Kitchen Website For New Cooking Show
By Oregon Film

Christian Kane (“Librarians”) today launched a new site for his soon be released web based show, “Kane’s Kitchen“. Kane’s popularity was evident when the site crashed twice within 12 hours of launching. Kane’s business partner and producer on the project is Oregonian, Jose Behar (“Leverage” and “Librarians”). The Pander Bros were responsible for the animated sequences in the trailer.



One comment on “KANE’S KITCHEN

  1. mentdijinn
    July 13, 2015

    Thanks so much for sharing abt Kane’s Kitchen with Christian Kane.. i downloaded them this morning from iTunes.. and they are all fun and wonderful! hope he does more of them

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